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Updates through the attack#1308


I really need an option to update an ongoing attack. If it starts to reduce to a 5/10 at 10:15am after a nap (relief), then I need it time stamped at the time that I change it. If it goes back up to a 7/10 at 2:30pm with scotomas/aura I need it time stamped with the change. Any data changed (currently) just changes the overall report with no previous changes noted.

I have a shunt and I’m trying to keep a detailed log so I and up writing everything in the notes section and it’s just one long dictation note.

a month ago

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion Laure. This subject is widely discussed in another discussion called “Track change in pain intensity, symptoms, medication intake during an attack”#1220
I am now merging your feedback with this wilder discussion

a month ago