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Suggestions for relief#672


Make suggestions for getting headache relief such as drink water, take your blood pressure if you have HTN. Get some more sleep, take medication and reminder to take next dose

2 years ago

Love the idea of next dose alerts, perhaps we could program this as we enter medication data (i.e., remind me to take another triptan in 2hrs if needed)

2 years ago

Hi @Barbdugan1962 @Rachel, thanks for this suggestion.
I’ll keep an eye on it, we’d need to have more vote on that one to push it forward as we are still a small team.
Don’t hesitate to keep writing in thread below particular usecases where this feature would be helpful!
Wishing you a lovely, migraine-free day!

2 years ago
Changed the status to
We need more feedback -Votes
2 years ago

This would be fantastic! I have trouble remembering when I need to drink/eat/sleep/etc, so having that reminder option would be really helpful. Maybe a vague reminder option that you can add to as well? Like “reminders: input here 1”, “reminders: input 2”, with default options that you can click on (water, food, bed, meds).

a year ago

A reminder for medications would be so helpful, especially with medications like paracetamol that have a fixed “next dose” time frame?
And if you could set the reminders for when you do have a migraine eg. When I have migraine, remind me to have a drink every hour/every 2 hours/every 30 minutes etc?
Or for your specific medications, take meficine X every 3 hours until it stops.

9 months ago

Hi Zee, if you use an android device then the treatment manager section will allow you to set up medication reminders.

8 months ago