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Allow marking if potential trigger was before or after attack#639

Sometimes people wake up with migraines, recover, and then later enjoy a drink, a coffee, or other triggers that could not have been at fault because they came later. Being able to mark if they were before or after an attack, or their time(s) of day, would help determine actual triggers.

2 years ago

Yes, there are initial triggers and ones that exercbate or “maintain” the attack. Right now I just dump most of them in anyway. Relying on the notes section. For review is cumbersome.

And again, parsing the export is cumbersome (if I want to generate my own analysis. It involves a lot of string splitting. Which frankly, if I could do that efficiently, I could be back on the job market because my migraines would be under better control trim so that I didn’t have to avoid using the computer.

2 years ago

Hi @Gwertime @Ndaniel tanks for your suggestion,
This is definitely a very advanced way of tracking. I think most of us tend to always want to record more, but we need to also make sure the time spent in recording is well spent, and the output data will be usable.
Right now the trigger screen is really there to help you record what happened BEFORE an attack started. This way it can help you determine what are your biggest contributors and give you the opportunity to try managing your exposure to those triggers.

When the attack is already happening the lines become blurred between triggers and symptoms. The recording at this point is mostly to help you find the best medication or non-medication relief method(s) to help you cope with those symptoms.

Hope this helps.
Wishing you a lovely, migraine-free day!

2 years ago
Changed the status to
We need more feedback -Votes
2 years ago