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Tyramine Induced headaches#608


I love the program, however it would be awesome if this company had more of a broken down diet related migraine tracker.. this app doesnt support what im looking for, and i cant seem to find one that does. I had to add alot of things to this app, and not use most of the features here. But at least this app allows you to do that. 👍

2 years ago

Thank you @Kericook74 for your suggestion. This is a topic we have intensively explored over years. No existing tracker is really fit for purpose, as the so called food triggers are more often linked to the content of food ingredients rather than specific dishes. So far, we partner with the Good Days Program, with some useful content in the Insights section of the app, and the DIY guide in the annual MBplus subscription, to help you adjust your food and lifestyle to create more good days of yours.
Please contact me at for more information :)

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