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Wish you could just add that you had a migraine on the calendar without needing times and such#516

I wish there was a way to record a past migraine on the app calendar that doesn’t require so much input. Like if I’m entering a migraine from two months ago I’m not going to remember the timeframe and it’s extra effort to guess. So something like “I had a migraine on this day” and nothing else, then it adds an entry on the calendar and that’s it?
(I just started using the app and if there is that option it’s very possible I just missed it!)

2 years ago

Corvo - I have had that same thing, & what I do when I finally realize that “Oh yeah, that was a migraine, wasn’t it..” is I’ll log it in the “Migraine Impact Report” (In “Features” section, then go to the “More” sub-section for the menu that has it!)

I actually rely on this section the most (along with the “Records”/“Sleep”). It’s where I record all my daily vitamins & prescriptions that I take to not only treat, but also to Prevent migraines!

Hope this helps.🐉🐲

2 years ago

Hi, you can do this in the Migraine Impact Report, tap on anyday to add an attack day and/or a medication

4 months ago
Changed the status to
It may have been solved already
4 months ago
Merged into Closed requests ✅#157
4 months ago