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Tracking Naps#459

An easy way to log one or more naps a day which can be marked/selected as caused by general tiredness or drowsiness caused by medication (not just migraine meds). If a person’s medication is causing them to be so drowsy that they are oversleeping during the day, it could result in them having a migraine. The information may help their doctor adjust their treatment acoordingly. This would likely be the most useful for people that intend to lie down for 20min and end up sleeping for 1.5hrs.

With that said I would suggest an option to turn the feature on/off and using something similar to how sleep is already tracked in the app. When a nap might have been detected have a pop-up box asking “Did you take a nap?: “Yes”, “No - At Work”, “No - Other”. As well as a way to “check again in 2hrs”, “don’t ask again today”, and even just log them manually.

2 years ago

This is a great suggestion indeed @Mommyooiee thanks very much. We would carefully need to maintain this so that it is not overwhelming. Logging manually is the only option we can already offer: from the main menu, go to records, then sleep tab, press the (+) icon to start a record, set the sleep time to the current time, and when you wake up, press “now” to adjust the wake time and confirm. You can also make use of the sleep notes to account for any specific note of yours

2 years ago
Merged into Closed requests ✅#157
4 months ago