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Add notes for non-migraine days#453

I’d like to be able to add notes in the app that aren’t directly tied to a migraine. For example, I started taking a preventative medication today and would like to be able to add a note of when I started the meds so I can better track how effective it is

2 years ago

I agree with this comment. We are trying to figure out what’s triggering the headaches and put a plan in place. Would like to be able to record notes on a daily basis to see how medication, etc. is working.

2 years ago

Thanks @Megan Lightcap and @Jennifer Wagner for your comments. Megan, you can make use of the Health Events feature, that you can find in the main menu of the app: press (+) and add a treatment, its settings, duration and personal notes. You can also include your Health Events in the Attack listing reports for you and your doctor. With regards to daily notes, Jennifer, you may want to use the Daily Tracker if you use the app on an Android device. Otherwise, you can also use the Notes section of your daily sleep records and - even better - follow the Good Days DIY guide if you are an MBplus annual subscriber

2 years ago

I agree. I’ve been having some kind of migraine since I started using this app. Then I tried something different and I haven’t had a migraine for the last 5 days!!! I want to be able to record positive news and what helped.

a year ago
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