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Quality of sleep on sleep tracker#412

When you go to confirm sleep hours, there should be a place to log sleep quality. I might suggest check boxes for Restless, Bad Dreams, Deep and dreamless, etc (with option to add) but I suppose a rating system would work too. And maybe also the same for “wake up feeling” being rested, irritated, depressed, excited, etc.
Thanks so much for this great app, it has given me some insight into my migraines!

2 years ago

Good suggestion. Maybe a rating system, 1 thru 5, with 1 being Well-Rested, and 5 being Not Restful due to migraine, pain, or other factor. And fill in the other numbers.

a year ago

I would like to add options for whether I used my BiPAP (CPAP) all/partial/none of the night as it has a major influence on the quality of my sleep.
This would be for my own information in helping to determine what my triggers are.

8 months ago
Changed the status to
We need more feedback -Votes
3 months ago