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Summary page suggestions#394


I like that we can add or delete or rearrange certain things in each section, like medcation, symptoms, etc.. however, it would be great if we could also rearrange the new summary page for a current attack. I love the page btw, but was thinking it would be nice if we could personalize the layout like personalizing a dashboard in some softwares. You know, so we can re-order it to see what’s most important to the individual. Just a thought. I have another thought too, but read your instructions of one per submission. Thanks for all you do.

2 years ago

Hello @Kc2222.kb, I’m reallly happy to see you like the new summary screen.
We’d also love to have more options to customise this screen but such features are definitely heavy to develop. Do not hesitate to support our small team and share the app with your loved ones. Together we can achieve more for the community!
Take care, Love 💕 Jenny

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Need more Subscribers to sustain cost of maintenance - Keep up!
2 years ago