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Setting a baseline#385

I wish i could set a basline of my symptoms. Have had head pain for 8 years non stop so it would be nice to set my baseline as a 3 in severity with my normal symptoms and then add “attacks” as the days that vairy from that baseline. Not sure if that makes sense

2 years ago

Hello again @Sara i ! thank you for all the suggestions!

Would you prefer doing a check-in everyday to just say “today is as usual” (a 1 click action), or would you prefer only recording on those bad bad days (at 8).

Also, is the information for your doctor or only for you?

2 years ago
Changed the status to
We Need your help on this one
2 years ago

If i could specify exactly what as usual meant then either way eould be good. Preferably it would be automated tho and id only have to specify the bad days. This information would help to make the graphs more accurate for my doctors and myself. At the moment i am just going to record extra bad days but this makes it appear as tho i dont experience the same amount of Symptoms as i actually do. Most forms and questionnaires filled out at the doctors are aimed at people who dont have episodes and im told to just record the extra bad experience. This has lead to alot of misinterpretations of my actual Symptoms and the assumption from doctors that i actually have moments of relif. I do not. I would like something in my life to accurately reflect my Symptoms so that there is more of a clear understanding of the pain i live eith on a daily basis. Thank you for replying to my comments, i really appreciate you taking the time to do that!

2 years ago

Hello Sara, thanks for replying to my questions. It helps us in narrowing down needs from our community!

I’ll get back to you whenever we’ll be pushing for such features to get your feedback on the initial mockups.

Such features are definitely heavy to develop so do not hesitate to support our small team and share the app with your loved ones. Together we can achieve more for the community!

Take care, Love 💕Jenny

2 years ago