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Issues for transmascs on hormones#382

Every time the options for if I’m on my period or not I don’t have an option that applies to me. I’m a trans guy who was assigned female at birth. Im about 5 months on hormones but that means my periods have stopped. However I can still get them at any point I stop taking testosterone and some people can even get spotting or a period years after taking T. I don’t know my period schedule anymore either. Also for the cis men out there having the option of saying i dont have a period would be good so that option can just be turned off for them.

2 years ago

Dear @Alexander Hutchings The hormone question is totally optional of course, there are many cases where it does not apply for people who are identified as female all their life too, for example after a certain age.
The only reason we show it for women is convenience, for the 90% to whom it applies.
That said Migraines are complex and we need to take shortcuts to help brains already overloaded with the attacks, BUT BUT, and that’s the good news 😊 we also allow for nearly any adjustment!!! We are all different.
For your case, I suggest:
a- In the atack summary screen : go to the bottom of the page, click on parameters.
b- Toggle the button for the period question off.
c- Voila~! you will never again see this over-simplified screen with too few options.

Now you may tell me “but that’s not helping me in finding if those hormonal cycles are a problem or not!?!
Agree! Now, I would suggest you to use the Trigger screen and create apply items more specific to the patterns you are observing.
I may be wrong, but I was thinking:
Potential Trigger 1: “testosterone injection”
Potential Trigger 2: “Periods started”
etc.. as you feel relevant.

Those will show in the listing for doctors, in the in-app top trigger analytics, and in the advanced trigger analysis report (Mbplus).

Feel free to contact me at if I can help you further in a more private place.

btw, this chat is public. Do you wish me to keep the suggestion but remove the post afterward?


2 years ago
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It may have been solved already
2 years ago