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Send to my loved ones#381

It would be awesome if my spouse could get a notification when I logged a migraine, so he’s aware when we get home from work, or when we aren’t together.

2 years ago
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It may have been solved already
2 years ago

Dear Terie,
That’s a great great great suggestion! We actually did multiple innitiatives in this direction. (I also wanted that for me, so that my partner would know why I don’t look that happy today, this is not his fault, or when I can’t grab the kids at school).

  • It is a bit hidden, the best method today is bundled with what is called the “estimated end time”.
  • It is at the bottom of the start-end time screen and on the summary screen, also near from the Start-End time.
  • This function is using AI to get progressively better at guessing when you will feel better. But it also provide a SHARE button, this button let’s you a link showing if the attack is still ongoing (no need to install the app on the for your spouse)

NB: For now this is only accessible together with the End of Migraine prediction function (which is a MBplus souscription) the end of Migraine calculation is heavy and cost us and our AI partner a lot. But you can try for free for 1 month already. (And if you wish to give me some feedback on it after trying, contact me at I may be able to do something ;)

Also, if we see lots of demand for the migraine status alone WITHOUT the end prediction, we may find a way to make it free in the coming year.

I hope this helps! And tell me if you find it. and how you like it (or not).

2 years ago

I love this idea! How do I try for a month free? I only see 7 day trials in the app.

2 years ago

Hello Terie,

Sorry my bad I meant 1 week (so you’re right it’s 7 days).
Else you can join us for an interview and get a complimentary Mbplus subscription (usually for 1 or 2 months).

During interviews, we’ll ask you questions regarding your usage of the app. Then we’ll share with you some of the ongoing initiative we’re working on to get genuine feedback before we make it available to the whole community.

If you wish to join us in the upcoming days for an interview, you can book a slot with us via this link:

Take care, Love 💕 Jenny

2 years ago