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Life tracker#346

In this app there should be a daily tracker where you can track food intake, sleep, fluid intake, weather tracking and how you feel in one location. You ask when did the migraine begin. I don’t know! I’m taking a monthly injection that is working to reduce/eliminate the headaches but not the other symptoms. I need a one stop shop to monitor everything daily. I need it to be dummy proof, no thought involved just click.

2 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion Vannessa.
The full tracking can become quick overwhelming, and many users are actually asking us to keep migraine buddy simple. We are thinking of doing it in a different app.
Could you help me in being sure I frame the need properly?
I build this questionnaire first, on the BIG subject of food tracking.

This will help me in pushing for this.
I LOVE your suggestion!

2 years ago
Changed the status to
We Need your help on this one
2 years ago

I put my daily food intake/time in notes area of program, problem being I have to have ongoing migraine that day to record, would be nice if a feature allowed this in migraine Buddy or worked directly with another program with integration between both programs. And yes it takes a lot of time out of day to constantly update everything.

2 years ago