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Time range for start/end#343

My migraines dont start at A Time. I would find it more useful to have a starting and ending range to record how long it took to go from 0-Migraine

2 years ago

Dear @Eileen Daub this is a very interesting case.
Actually, you may not have to wait until we build a new function specifically for that 😊

The “0 to migraine” phase is called the prodrome or the aura, depending and the length and the symptoms during that pre-pick pain phase. It could be that?
If your objective is to measure this. You can actually start an attack you could call “migraine signs” attack type. Start it at the first sign. And you can switch to measure how long this pre-peak time lasts.
That said. This is if you wish to measure this period.

If the objectif just to be sure of not making a mistake in setting a precise timing when this is not that precise… what matters is what you will do with the data. If the objective is just to explain to the dector, a simple note “time of start +-1h” and it will show in the reports for your doctor😊. If the objective is for you to do stats about this

I forgot to ask. how long is this period of ramp-up?
Also. could it be solved if we had a “pain variation tracking?” or a symptom variation tracking?

2 years ago
Changed the status to
We Need your help on this one
2 years ago

Pain variation would be helpful. Mine sometimes come in waves where it gets better for awhile but comes back. I wouldnt say it goes away enough for the 2nd to be considered a separate rebound headache but I also dont think migraines are always the same pain level throughout, even after the prodrome phase. I would say a typical prodrome phase for me personally (and friends with similar experiences) can be 1-3 hours before it goes from the warning ahots to full-blown, capital M Migraine. I realize exact times arent terribly important but keeping track of when to consider a migraine as “started” or “ended” is tricky and a big grey area, especially when one of those ends is while sleeping. I do appreciate having the toggle feature to acknowledge Ended/Began While Sleeping. Thanks for continuing to improve the app and actively listening to suggestions!

2 years ago

Ah yes, you are right! Knowing it started in the sleep is quite useful for each of us. Even if our doctors won’t check the information. That’s a good comparison!

Thank you for the fast answer.
I need to find a way to get your idea bundled with others for you to get more votes.

2 years ago

Jenny again here.
On the pain variation subject, maybe would you be interested in the questionnaire I prepared?

It is just a shot set of questions to set the priorities !
Tell me if you enjoyed it!

2 years ago