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Make the app sync with iOS Health#287


It is my understanding that doctors assumes that both blood pressure and blood sugar can be part of or actually trigger migraines. I already track these numbers everyday, so to me it is a lack that Migraine Buddy don’t sync and incorporate these figures into the app and take them into account. The same with the sleep monitoring… having your phone with you in bed is quite old school. A lot of people nowadays have Apple Watch, Fitbits and other trackers measuring and collecting data in the Apple Health (if you are in the Apple ecosystem). BR Peter

2 years ago

I think this is a great idea. I would love it too. (I upvoted!)

A question for my understanding, do you know if your doctor actually care to check the triggers? I often met with doctors telling me they just want to select the right treatment, no time to try to find the triggers. (I was disapointed)

2 years ago
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2 years ago

So maybe it’s different here in Denmark where I live? I was unraveled for my illness by the Danish headache center, founded by the world-famous Danish professor of Neurology, Jes Olesen and here I experienced something that might have been a more holistic approach to my migraine than what I experienced with my family doctor.

During my conversations at the Danish Headache Center, I talked to the doctors about which triggers I myself suspected or observed. Unfortunately, I did not get wiser on this, which was one of the reasons why I now use Migraine Buddy.

With Migraine Buddy, however, I miss the “other part” of the migraine - the physiological part. As mentioned, I think the app lacks coherence between focusing on triggers and then data like blood pressure and blood sugar.

But in the app there is also not really a distinction between preventive treatment medication and medication for acute attack treatment. I take preventive medicine (in this situation Candesartancilexetil) every day for a long time (month or even years), but what happens when and if I e.g. does replace the preventive medicine with something else? I do not really know how to use Migraine Buddy in that situation?

Hope this all make sense?

2 years ago

This would also be helpful so that I could easily view the data and synthesize it for my doctor so they don’t need to read the full report. Being able to clearly communicate change patterns is invaluable and any information that can be added to a brief update for the doc would make both of our lives easier!

2 years ago

How is this not a a thing yet? I would love this to be s as thing!!

8 months ago