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New layout not user friendly#232


I fo not like the new layout in a migraine record. I often record a migraine DURING a migraine, and the new layout is horrible. It’s hard to read, navigate , comprehend - and being different suzes and in columns means it would make it impossible to navigate during a 10 migraine. I really don’t like it. I may consider changing migraine apps becauae of it. Change it back to one column sequential please.

3 years ago

Ditto. Give us back the old layout please. Dont make me squint and scroll around looking for notes and timing (which is all I ever want to see anyway)

3 years ago
Changed the status to
It may have been solved already
2 years ago

You can actually revert back to the previous summary. The option is at the bottom.
Also, you can now deactivate the items you don’t need, then… no scrolling!
Contact me at if not finding how!

2 years ago

I used to use this app, then stopped for several months. I logged back in yesterday and now find it very difficult to navigate through. I had trouble finding where to log my migraine, something I didn’t want to hunt for when I was having a migraine. More is not always better.

a year ago