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Enter multiple sleep instances#189


If i only enter beg and end times its deceiving because i may wake up during the night and not get back to sleep right away

3 years ago

Agree! Having an option to state how we felt we slept might be helpful. Rate our rate.

3 years ago

If I may ask.
Is it about:

  • Making it easier to create a new sleep period for the same night
  • About rating how we feel in the morning?

It would help to push the votes ;)
Bundling 2 developments together is actually risky.

2 years ago

Ive manually entered multiple sleep periods in one day, it works pretty well, but could be easier.

2 years ago

I have chronic disrupted sleep, so I rarely sleep for a long, continuous number of hours. I wish I could enter multiple sleep periods throughout the day/night.

9 months ago

Thank you for your feedback, you can add as many sleep periods as needed from the sleep record screen. Hit the + button at the top right of the screen and add the sleep period. Make sure you do not create an overlapping record. You can also edit the recorded sleep period using the arrow beside the sleep date and time. I hope it helps

9 months ago
Changed the status to
It may have been solved already
4 months ago
Merged into Closed requests ✅#157
4 months ago