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Add blood sugar, blood pressure heart rate recording.#179


I often get light headed and dizzy so it would be great if I could record BP mmol levels and my heart rate. My doctor’s always look at blood pressure or sugar levels because they don’t get that migraines aren’t just about pain. If I could record this detail and include it in my report it would be really useful.

3 years ago

Yes, I get brainstem migraines that can be triggered by low blood pressure.

3 years ago
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2 years ago

This is another thing that can be automatically recorded by smart watches like the Samsung Watch, and imported via their corresponding mobile apps.

2 years ago

My doctor, and osteopath are also asking me to record blood pressure, since they are suspecting that it may rinse during attacks and by remedying that, it might help me with the migraines

2 years ago

Ive been adding the details in my notes for now, and added low blood sugar, low bloos pressude, and high blood sugar as a symptom option

9 months ago

Hi, you can record all of your preventive treatments, side effects and all in the Health Section of the record part of the app.

3 months ago