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Edit treatment#135

It would be nice to remove and edit other medication entries so i only see the medication that i take. Also an option to edit mistakes when entering medication names and dosage.

3 years ago

This is already possible. You can add and remove anything. And every medication I know is available in the app database.

3 years ago

Hello Jason,
Indeed that’s already available in the app.
When you are in the medication screen (when you record an attack), you can tap on the 3 dots (yop right corner of the screen). You will see a few options including ‘adding new’ and ‘remove item’. If you wish to edit, you can first add a new medication, then remove the one old one (which has a mistake in name/dosage).

3 years ago

If you need further assistance, please contact me at
I will merge this message in the closed requests.
Wishing you a migraine-free day 💖

3 years ago
Merged into Closed requests ✅#157
3 years ago