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Logging pain levels over time#1298


Hey I’d love to be able to log my pain level at different time while still in migrain.
For example it was a 8 at its worst but dropped to a 3 2hrs later after medication. But never actually cleared and back to an 8 again the next day. Currently that looks like multiple migraines but it never actually ended.
This would help to Track which treatments are having the most effect even if they don’t get rid of it all together.

a month ago

Thank you Sara, there is a place for each of those request in the app.
Regarding the pain level you can track it from the notes section and its timestamp. Then for the treatments, you can use the Health Events section of the features part of the app at the bottom right of the home screen.
You can also rate the effectiveness of each of your relief methods by tapping on the medication or relief with a question mark on it from the summray screen. This is also done when you end an attack as a screen pop up asking you to evaluate your reliefs method effectiveness.
I hope this helps.

a month ago
Changed the status to
It may have been solved already
a month ago

Please don’t ask for feedback then dismiss it when it’s given.
I use the app, I know the things you’ve mentioned and I don’t find that when I’m experiencing a migrain that the way the app handles this is approproate.

I want to be able to rapidly log.

To go on and press the pain scale, for that to automatically time stamp it and give me a graph later to see how my pain levels tracked over time.

You’re currently pitching this app for researchers not those who are trying to fill this stuff out while being in extreme pain.

a month ago

I agree with the poster. That time stamp in the notes does nothing for me

a month ago

I agree with this suggestion. One way to do this might be to turn it into a sliding scale that functions during a migraine attack. Currently it’s a numbered/sliding scale that only functions when the attack starts, but I think there needs to be a way to make the pain scale aspect of it editable or movable during the attack. In essence, this would prompt a check in question “has your pain level changed since the attack started?” And then you could move the slider up or down accordingly

25 days ago

Also agree with the suggestion - pain levels start low but become harder to track by typing as they progress

24 days ago